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I had a productive day at work with my team. I am learning to be firm but still remain kind which has always been a difficult balancing act for me. I’m getting better every day.

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I had an important meeting at work today and it went so well! I have a headache so I’m not super interested in starting at this screen. But today was good! Long— but good!

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My assistant comes from poverty too. She’s six years younger than me. A force of nature. A person full of potential if allowed the opportunity to grow into it. We balance each other out soft/hard but we have both been trying to also fine the balance within ourselves. Today she made the comment “you taught…

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I laughed a lot with my team today! How wonderfully strange and fulfilling it is to genuinely like the people I am crammed into a box with for 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week.

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Today was probably the most productive day I’ve had a at work in weeks. It was a refreshing change from the weeks of hazy apathy that I have felt. Now, that I have some focus and am developing a plan, my energy has come back, thankfully. I’m feeling more in my element again.

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