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I had a productive day at work with my team. I am learning to be firm but still remain kind which has always been a difficult balancing act for me. I’m getting better every day.

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I completed a training seminar for my company that was actually quite insightful. I’m always so grateful to work for a corporation I truly respect and that I know respects me.

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I had a conversation with a former associate that I had to terminate. There are just a handful of true priorities that I have when it comes to leadership. One of those priorities is leaving those who work for me with the feeling that, despite what difficulties we face or what our differences may be–…

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I had an important meeting at work today. I slip into this skin so easily that sometimes I wonder if I should be worried. Either way, it went well. Much to do.

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My corp rev mgr cracks me the fuck up all of the time. Literally dying cackling over these emails. What a woman? What a fucking professional?! I love this place. That’s it. That’s the good thing. We are both in our very early 30s– both women of color– both in our first year of “leading”…

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