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I completed an important class tonight. In it we discussed motivation and what that feels like to each of us individually. It’s interesting because while I know what motivation feels like to me, I never sat inside the texture of it. Slippery like rain. I know that when I’m motivated, I’m manic. I cannot sleep.…

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I had a difficult conversation with myself today. This is a good thing. It seems— I am not holding myself accountable the way I am supposed to. The way I hold everyone else accountable. I could chalk it up to a incredibly bloated plate, but that doesn’t actually matter because I know Whale Theory. Also…

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My favorite thing as of late, expounded upon today by one of my very best friends is the phrase, “How do you eat a whale?” Well howdoya? Piece by piece, of course. So as not to choke. So as not to overwhelm yourself with the enormity of what is in front of you. I’m calling…

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