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BUT! To end it on a good note. I spoke with my ego today and told her to chill the fuck out. I spoke with nostalgia and reminded her of reality. I am learning, at the slowest of snail’s pace, to trust the universe. To focus on being a good person and doing good things…

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I’ve been holding myself accountable. I’ve been acting with intention. I hope the Universe sees me.

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I’m pushing myself harder than ever with my training. I find myself laughing through the burn. I am learning to allow myself to feel it all. Everything. I lost someone along time ago that I never thought I would lose. It’s easier to just go on and not tap into what the loss feels like,…

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My follow-through has never been strong which is something I have resented about myself for such a long time. Resent maybe isn’t the right wrong, but it’s frustrating to me understanding that I am in control of a certain amount of things in my life, but still not asserting my control over them. All of…

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