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Today the MS House and Senate voted to change the state flag, putting an end to an embarrassing representation of such a beautiful place. If I haven’t made it clear enough I’ll say it again— the South is more than what people have been made to believe. It is more than its bloodied history. It…

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The Rebel flag has long been a staple in my family and in the South. I’ve heard the tired explanations of “heritage, not hate.” I’ve been told by people who fly the flag proudly that they love me dearly. LOL. The south has a terrible history– built on the bloodied backs of black women and…

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My follow-through has never been strong which is something I have resented about myself for such a long time. Resent maybe isn’t the right wrong, but it’s frustrating to me understanding that I am in control of a certain amount of things in my life, but still not asserting my control over them. All of…

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