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My nephew came over and we baked up some none sense that looked more like a crime scene than a strawberry croissant. He’s such a good boy, with a killer personality. I’m so happy he chooses at least sometimes to jump off the PS4 and come hang out in real life with me.

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I spent a rainy, cold day on my couch watching HGTV. It was time well spent. I have learned, quite slowly, to not feel guilty when I am still.

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Today was low-key. I watching a baking show with my mom. We’re always so spell-bound by what these kids who are not even teenagers yet are able to create!

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Hi today was a lazy Sunday spent walking around Gulfport harbor and delving into coding. It’s too late to really get into the thick of it, but the rush of running a code and it being correct was so fucking thrilling!

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My mom has quite a few scars from being a cancer survivor. One of her most prominent—- dysphasia. The radiation needed to knock out the cancer also knocked out her ability to swallow like a normal person. She has been mostly reduced to soft foods like potatoes, eggs, and of course liquids. She has had…

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Another lazy Sunday. Another hard reset. Another week where I have the opportunity to push myself farther than ever before. How wonderful.

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