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I completed an important class tonight. In it we discussed motivation and what that feels like to each of us individually. It’s interesting because while I know what motivation feels like to me, I never sat inside the texture of it. Slippery like rain. I know that when I’m motivated, I’m manic. I cannot sleep.…

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I finished (ahead of schedule) my certification course! Now I can concentrate solely on my degree. Hopefully I don’t decide, in the future, to torment myself with double duty again, but we will see.

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Tonight in class was inspiring. It’s nice to have other sounding boards to give/receive feedback from. Balancing life, career, and school work isn’t easy and I think that for people who aren’t juggling these three very specific things, it’s harder for me to relate to them. It’s such a weird phenomena being in school and…

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I made a 100 on my first quiz! It feels nice to have gained some traction. I’m not second-guessing my career path or worrying over whether or not I’m doing this for me. I am doing it for me. I am excited about this path. I do want to grow. And I am growing.

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