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I switched vocal coaches today and not to get too ahead of myself because I’ve only had one session with her, but FUCK YES. A small, silly little exercise had my voice opened far more than the weeks of work I had been doing with my previous coach. AND she’s a WOC and we bonded…

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I’m not great at showing weakness. I applaud anyone who is actively vulnerable because I think it’s one of the most freeing ways a person can live– and I’m doing my best to move more towards it. I want to learn the mechanics behind the voice and how to better steer the sounds, however when…

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In real life I am naturally reserved (unless of course I’m with my friends). There are a lot of activities I want to do but I can’t bring myself to do them because I am me. 30 was a matchstick that has been burning since the 7th and I’m so excited for the the humming…

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