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My Saturday consisted of doing nothing with my dog and cat and then capping the day off with watching the RIDICULOUSLY good Escape to the Chateau. The day after Christmas always makes me feel slightly hungover despite not having any alcoholic beverages yesterday. It’s been good to recharge.

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I spent a rainy, cold day on my couch watching HGTV. It was time well spent. I have learned, quite slowly, to not feel guilty when I am still.

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The hardest thing I have done today is decide whether or not I finally have the emotional bandwidth to watch the movie, Carol. What a gift.

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Learning about my own love language. Learning to speak to myself is both a marvel and a mystery. I am the first and last of my kind, yet I am not magnificent by any means. What a wonder it would be if I taught myself to not need anything that I could not give myself.…

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I read something of my mother’s recently and it stirred my spirit. Something along the lines that when you have been alone for an extended period of time, it takes such great pressure for you to allow someone in your space. Not in a closed off way. We are not caged any longer. We are…

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