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My mom’s been having trouble breathing lately due to her COPD and occasionally she’ll have an exacerbation. She’s been going through one for about three weeks now and today she finally felt some relief. I compartmentalized my time today the best I have in quite awhile. I still have tweaking to do, but I’m proud…

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I spent the morning in my home office listening to the rain pour down and checking emails. Morning’s like this morning make me feel like I neeeeed a tin roof. My morning also started off with the sweetest friend with the most southern of drawls giving me a “Good morning bitch!” Some days I just…

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I am working myself into a routine. I think there is much romance in spontaneity— in living life on a whim. Maybe people who are spontaneous are intrinsically bound to the call of life? I am prone to rollercoaster emotions. My heart comes when it’s called by the wild — which is where the routine…

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