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Tales From the Other Side.

It’s incredibly refreshing to have memories pop in my head and not be left labored breath by them or choking or in pain. For an absurdly long stretch of time snapshots of my ex-girlfriend would keep me awake at night and now that they don’t, now that I’m able to look at memories outside of…

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what she left behind

a cosmic date has been set to retire these bones beauty, have mercy on me. 100 years from now when i am excavated– they will marvel at the treasures you tucked between my rib cage beauty, you took no mercy on me.

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The First Girl I Ever Loved. (1)

  December 28th, 2016   I knew I should have never agreed on receiving electroconvulsive therapy from an admitted crack-whore named Brenda Breckenridge in the back room at my cousin’s dingy-who-the-fuck-died in here-smelling apartment. But, you see… I was hurting. And my issue with the entire charade wasn’t the smell of my own hair curling…

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the way the story goes

Keep in mind I don’t know shit about paganism. I’m learning what I can slowly, so as to really take it in, but I don’t know shit about paganism. I’m bright-eyed and wondering about it, intensely interested in it, but for a third time I don’t know shit. Now that I’ve thoroughly stated my ignorance…

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