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As I look back on this week, I’m proud of my productivity but also of how I balanced my family/friends. I still have more fine tuning to this balancing act to include staying creative but all in all it was a job well done if I do say so myself.

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Tomorrow I start a 15 day sprint in which I challenge myself to be unbelievably focused for a short burst of time. I’m excited and nervous. Today was a waiting game. I felt overwhelmed but I didn’t know why. Which was an awfully strange sensation when it rubbed against the waiting. Friction, I guess, is…

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I am almost caught up with every outstanding work task in my life! I’m hoping to get all the way caught up by the weekend and continue to utilize this system of organization I’m building!

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Productivity was at a solid 9 today. I’m just looooving my new home-office even in it’s very barren stage. I had some belly laughs with my boss and managing partners. I didn’t get to spend any time with my mom today, but I’m *mostly* caught up with my work so I’m hoping to hang with…

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I laughed with my mom today. I connected with a local coffee shop and had the best flourless brownie I have ever had in my entire life. I moved my body very early this morning. I made a 94 on a difficult assignment I submitted. These are the good things that happened to me today.…

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My day was filled with quiet productivity. My night will be much of the same. I stayed centered today. I’m proud of this small accomplishment.

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Y’all I got so much work done today that my desk is about 85% empty. To be clear, on Monday it was 135% covered in work.

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Today was an incredibly productive day at work. Although my allergies have been drop-kicking me since around 10am, I muscled through and got shit done. Tomorrow I have my second voice lesson with Anthony and that’s terrifying and wonderful. I found some paintings today that lead me down a rabbit-hole of astoundingly interesting, contemplative, wonderful…

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