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I got to hang out with my sweet mama today. We made wreathes out of ornaments and they look absolutely terrible! We’re going to keep them still to laugh at and to remember what not to do on our next go around.

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Today was low-key. I watching a baking show with my mom. We’re always so spell-bound by what these kids who are not even teenagers yet are able to create!

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I’m always cautiously optimistic when we have small wins in regards to my mom’s illnesses. After 4 years of having it in her chest; a constant reminder of what she lost and what she fought, my mom’s port was removed. I’m happy for her because I know it was distressful to have after all of…

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It’s late but I’m still making these cinnamon rolls. I did a thing with the dough and I think it shocked the yeast a bit which delayed the rising time but we got there. With patience. One of my mother’s CT scans came back and they saw a spot on her lung. The doctors say…

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My sweet mama was released from the hospital today and is doing well! Thank you, Universe. I stayed grounded literally all day. I stayed here. Which was a struggle that I have been avoiding for such a long time. The two party system is bullshit, yes. Joe Biden was not my first choice. Not my…

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My mom has quite a few scars from being a cancer survivor. One of her most prominent—- dysphasia. The radiation needed to knock out the cancer also knocked out her ability to swallow like a normal person. She has been mostly reduced to soft foods like potatoes, eggs, and of course liquids. She has had…

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My mom’s been having trouble breathing lately due to her COPD and occasionally she’ll have an exacerbation. She’s been going through one for about three weeks now and today she finally felt some relief. I compartmentalized my time today the best I have in quite awhile. I still have tweaking to do, but I’m proud…

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Today definitely got away from me which is such an awful feeling. I know that I should allow myself moments of just being still, but today was not one of those times— but I stood still for the most part anyway. The good news is that my mom’s check-up went well and they don’t anticipate…

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