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My mom’s been having trouble breathing lately due to her COPD and occasionally she’ll have an exacerbation. She’s been going through one for about three weeks now and today she finally felt some relief. I compartmentalized my time today the best I have in quite awhile. I still have tweaking to do, but I’m proud…

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Today definitely got away from me which is such an awful feeling. I know that I should allow myself moments of just being still, but today was not one of those times— but I stood still for the most part anyway. The good news is that my mom’s check-up went well and they don’t anticipate…

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My mom got the go-ahead from her doctor to stop her antibiotics because she has improved so much. She is the strongest, tiniest, soldier I know. I’m so very blessed– so very grateful I have her in my life still.

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Today is Mother’s Day and because I am the worst fucking person, I fiddled around and ordered my mom’s present too late, and now it won’t be delivered until tomorrow. I know that it’s going to fucking blow her mind, so it’s worth the wait, but still! Despite, my monster mistake I made sure she…

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