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I ugly sobbed while watching a romantic Christmas themed movie with gay women. It checked all my boxes.

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My follow-through has never been strong which is something I have resented about myself for such a long time. Resent maybe isn’t the right wrong, but it’s frustrating to me understanding that I am in control of a certain amount of things in my life, but still not asserting my control over them. All of…

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I read something of my mother’s recently and it stirred my spirit. Something along the lines that when you have been alone for an extended period of time, it takes such great pressure for you to allow someone in your space. Not in a closed off way. We are not caged any longer. We are…

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imagine yourself belly up and shivering this is the thing you hate the most— vulnerability light shifting and reshifting and razoring the skin this is the thing you need the most– weak, trembling thank god for this earth, this dirt, this grounding of palm and grass because you are spinning and spinning and remember when…

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What I remember most, is that she was an endless golden hour. alive, (in love) always fleeting.

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Hello from the beginning

I’m changing my life. What I’ve learned from the process other than it being very difficult, is that it is very slow, incredibly personal and full of heartache. I’m think I’m doing it for the right reasons this time. I think, I’m following the correct steps. I’ll check back in with more updates and progress.…

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