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I really love the days that I am able to get out of my own way. I’m in love with the possibility of more, all of the time. More stepping aside. More stepping up. More moving . More growing. But the first step always trips me up. The getting out of my own way. I…

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A strange thing occurred. I was driving on the interstate when I saw a man run into traffic. The other drivers swerved to get around him, but he was undaunted. As he pushed himself further into the roadway everyone, including me, had to slow down. Barely creeping, I could see he was terrified. He was…

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I had a conversation with a former associate that I had to terminate. There are just a handful of true priorities that I have when it comes to leadership. One of those priorities is leaving those who work for me with the feeling that, despite what difficulties we face or what our differences may be–…

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