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I am working myself into a routine. I think there is much romance in spontaneity— in living life on a whim. Maybe people who are spontaneous are intrinsically bound to the call of life? I am prone to rollercoaster emotions. My heart comes when it’s called by the wild — which is where the routine…

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Today’s good thing was yoga in the morning. Feeling my body open and my bones stretch. I hit 7 days of movement today— a small step to where I want to be and who I want to be when I get there. I can’t decide what I should give myself when I finish the 21…

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This morning’s cardio kicked. my. ass. This is a good thing. I pushed myself to my limits today. This is a good thing. I was frustrated, angry,a crescendo of “just listen to me” echoing in my head. In my ears, but not out of my mouth. I inhaled deeply, I gathered myself. And gathered myself.…

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Today was long — but nice. I worked hard during my morning training — I worked hard at work. My boss is urging me to compete this overhaul of our company. I am grateful for the opportunity. I came home and had a really simple evening with my niece, full of laughter and silliness. I…

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I bought a Keurig a couple of months ago and I didn’t love it so I stashed it in my pantry– very not minimalist of me. I should have just donated it. I’ve been rearranging my sleep schedule lately. I’m waking up earlier to just… be awake. It’s been mostly refreshing, a little dull at…

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I didn’t do much today. I’ve been searching the past 16 hours hours for something “good.” While most of today was just a standard Wednesday, the rest wasn’t really good at all. Honestly, it was quite difficult, maybe even painful at times. A good thing? I showed up. I did what was right and what…

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I’ve always been so intimidated by Excel despite knowing that if I just sat down and put the effort in I could most likely learn it. Today I sat down and I did just that. Now I’m no expert by any means and there is a long road to go still! I’m putting in formulas…

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I got the go-ahead to delve further into a project for my company. This is a swollen, serious endeavor and it has the the possibility to alter the course of my life. I have a 5 year plan that I won’t get too much into today, but this is a step in the right direction.…

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A challenge to myself– write one good thing that happens daily, for a year. Move my fingers, my thoughts. For posterity? For narcissism? We’ll see, I guess. Today’s good thing? This challenge. This urging.

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