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I made chocolate turtles today and although I’m not super happy with them for my first attempt I did pretty damn well. I need to focus on adapting a better caramel recipe. Once I do it’s over for you bitches. And by that I mean I will be very happy that I get to give…

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I put into a motion a plan today that was executed well and had a successful outcome. Sometimes I wonder if I bit off more than I can chew. I cannot stress to you what a mouthful my professional life is. But then days like today happen and I remember.

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I had a difficult conversation with myself today. This is a good thing. It seems— I am not holding myself accountable the way I am supposed to. The way I hold everyone else accountable. I could chalk it up to a incredibly bloated plate, but that doesn’t actually matter because I know Whale Theory. Also…

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The Rebel flag has long been a staple in my family and in the South. I’ve heard the tired explanations of “heritage, not hate.” I’ve been told by people who fly the flag proudly that they love me dearly. LOL. The south has a terrible history– built on the bloodied backs of black women and…

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It’s been a productive week full of realizations. I laughed a lot— with my team— with my mom— with my friends. I am grateful, searching. I’m doing my best to step out of the past. Be present. Push myself. Be gentle.

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Being able to help someone who is in need shapes who I am, daily, and I was able to do that today. You ever have a dream but struggle with execution? I laughed way too loudly with my team. I saw them outside of their official roles and day to day delegations. How wonderful. Corporate…

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My follow-through has never been strong which is something I have resented about myself for such a long time. Resent maybe isn’t the right wrong, but it’s frustrating to me understanding that I am in control of a certain amount of things in my life, but still not asserting my control over them. All of…

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I received some great news professionally today that makes me want to work harder and smarter. I realized, one the trials of leadership is that not everyone is going to like me. Which is difficult for me— always. But right is right and wrong is wrong. I realized that I am strong enough to do…

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I’ve been keeping up with this documentation daily. I’ve been working and reworking my thoughts for me. I’m no longer writing to ghosts, to girls, to versions of me who don’t exist. I think, for the most part, with struggle, with stumble, with eyes endlessly starry— I Am Here.

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Today I asked for what I wanted very plainly and mostly got it. I struggle with being open and with putting my wants out into the ether. I’m working on the volume of my voice and the fire in my heart as they do not align. But they will.

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