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We visited Bellingrath Gardens tonight. My nose is still cold and I’m so tired, but it was magical. I was present. I am thankful.

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The weather is cold and rainy and dark. Today the wind whipped at my face and my hair— stung my arms. Froze my nose. This has always been my favorite time. This season has always belonged to me.

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I bought my team lunch and we spent awhile laughing at the sometimes ridiculous, always interesting environment in which we thrive.

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A strange thing occurred. I was driving on the interstate when I saw a man run into traffic. The other drivers swerved to get around him, but he was undaunted. As he pushed himself further into the roadway everyone, including me, had to slow down. Barely creeping, I could see he was terrified. He was…

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Without fail, Imagine Me & You, lights a fire in my heart. I’m grateful for films that continue to reach inside of me and push and pull and chatter.

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I had a conversation with a former associate that I had to terminate. There are just a handful of true priorities that I have when it comes to leadership. One of those priorities is leaving those who work for me with the feeling that, despite what difficulties we face or what our differences may be–…

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Sometimes you meet people who match your soft, who match your silly, who match your sarcasm. Of course, you can’t keep them. I’ve learnt to let go of these people with grace.

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This evening was my first official (not just orientation) coding bootcamp session! It was confusing at times, for sure. But I’m immensely excited to learn and grow and be apart of this really fucking wonderful community.

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I — somehow — managed to fit all but one thing on my need to accomplish list in today. Wow. Time management? I’m great friends with her. I began my coding boot camp tonight and I’m fucking thrilled about overcoming how difficult this is all going to be. A friend asked me recently, something along…

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