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Delved into the world of JavaScript today and it was interesting and daunting and all of the things that I have found code to be. I’m forcing myself to log off for the night. I’m a bit worried that I may have overloaded my plate for the next year. I have added this boot camp…

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I think one of the most wonderful parts of being human is that sometimes a thought does become a seed. And boy, does that seed sometimes bloom.

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I was able to spend some time with my eldest niece. I’m always so proud of her confidence, intelligence, and joyfulness. We had a rough time growing up together. But I wouldn’t change it (mostly) for the world!

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Tomorrow I start a 15 day sprint in which I challenge myself to be unbelievably focused for a short burst of time. I’m excited and nervous. Today was a waiting game. I felt overwhelmed but I didn’t know why. Which was an awfully strange sensation when it rubbed against the waiting. Friction, I guess, is…

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I worked on my 5 year plan today. I’m excited about the endless possibilities of happiness. Of change. Fulfillment. Of course while not being naive to the hard work and concentration that will be needed as well as recognizing unavoidable bumps will arise. I understand, more deeply than ever, that the focus should always be…

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I gifted myself a new phone for my hard work today! I also made more strides in my personal finances. And as usual, I took the time to laugh loudly with some really good people.

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I was able to create a website today using HTML/CSS and I’m so thrilled! Now– these are very, very, very basics maneuvers but it’s always nice to start out not knowing anything and actively feel yourself learning/retaining this new knowledge. Coding is such an awesome skill-set. While my love of the 90’s disconnect will never…

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Prioritizing happiness should be higher up on my to-do list. A good thing? I surprised my team with tiny bits of happiness and I genuinely think it made their day.

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