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I have been trying to focus on the good today. I really have. But I’m sad— and on top of feeling sad I’m pissed because I cannot shake the sadness. I honor my soft, but sometimes— a lot of the time, I hate that I can’t shake things. I feel things to the bone; as…

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I am still holding my ground when it comes to my space! It’s been hard and I have come close to loosening up but I know that if I give in, both of lose in the long run.

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I’m turning my spare room into an office and I’m so happy about it! Today was the slowest of Saturday’s. I stayed inside— avoiding the 103 degree heat index and did a whole bunch of nada. Glory.

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My cousin’s awesome girlfriend asked if I wanted to be her exercise accountability partner and I’m really excited about it! I’ve never had someone to hold me accountable or that I had to check-in with — I’m excited to see the progress we both make!

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Today definitely got away from me which is such an awful feeling. I know that I should allow myself moments of just being still, but today was not one of those times— but I stood still for the most part anyway. The good news is that my mom’s check-up went well and they don’t anticipate…

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I visited a house I really liked! I’m still am not completely sold, no pun intended, on any of them but I think I’m getting somewhere.

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The difference a day can make is astounding sometimes! I really stepped my caramel up this afternoon and I’m so happy. There’s still work to be done. Food work soothes me. Obviously the eating of it is great, but the concentration that goes into creating does wonders for my anxious heart.

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