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I’ve felt exhausted all day and I hate that it’s probably because I deviated from my routine but life sometimes requires deviation. I’m attempting to sit in the quiet before Monday comes and everything takes off. I’m going to take another look at my 5-year plan and see if anything else needs resituated. Today was…

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I played around with recipes and the grill today. I still have all of my fingers and the house did not catch fire. So… yes I do believe that I am now a grill master. Today felt like I was cheating on my week because it was a Monday, but really it was a Sunday……

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Productivity was at a solid 9 today. I’m just looooving my new home-office even in it’s very barren stage. I had some belly laughs with my boss and managing partners. I didn’t get to spend any time with my mom today, but I’m *mostly* caught up with my work so I’m hoping to hang with…

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