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I went to lunch with two friends and I listened as they spoke of the trauma they endured at the hands of men. It was the perfect time to speak my truth but I couldn’t. As they traded stories my heart hammered so loudly in my chest that I couldn’t speak over it. Instead I…

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Tonight I had dinner with a friend. We laughed so loudly and stayed in the restaurant for so long. It was wonderful.

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In preparation for Friendsgiving this Friday I made vegan brownies. I’m excited to see my oldest friends in all of our newest forms.

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Immensely personal details of sexual encounters gone wrong were the highlight of my night. So grateful for the laughs.

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My silly friend had a minor (as if any heart thing is minor) heart procedure last week. She’s doing well and is on the mend. She’s been putting it off for such a long time out of fear but that’s done and conquered now.

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Marjorie is a writer too. She sent me over a rough draft for a chapbook. 28 pages of fucking magic. This is a good thing.

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My assistant comes from poverty too. She’s six years younger than me. A force of nature. A person full of potential if allowed the opportunity to grow into it. We balance each other out soft/hard but we have both been trying to also fine the balance within ourselves. Today she made the comment “you taught…

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I have the most wonderful, kind, and intelligent woman in my corner. What a fucking blessing! The Universe provides. Good friends are the most rare and I am so thankful for this gem of a human.

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What I love most is being able to express one of my ridiculous feelings— and lemme tell you— they get laughably ridiculous and not only am I not judged, but I am given empathy. And after that empathy is given, we laugh. We laugh at my giant emotions. We laugh in all of their faces.…

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