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My assistant comes from poverty too. She’s six years younger than me. A force of nature. A person full of potential if allowed the opportunity to grow into it. We balance each other out soft/hard but we have both been trying to also fine the balance within ourselves. Today she made the comment “you taught…

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I have the most wonderful, kind, and intelligent woman in my corner. What a fucking blessing! The Universe provides. Good friends are the most rare and I am so thankful for this gem of a human.

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What I love most is being able to express one of my ridiculous feelings— and lemme tell you— they get laughably ridiculous and not only am I not judged, but I am given empathy. And after that empathy is given, we laugh. We laugh at my giant emotions. We laugh in all of their faces.…

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Two good things: I became closer with an acquaintance— almost veering into friend territory. How wonderful. How terrifying. I have realized also that I’m a sounding board. I’m a place where people come to feel heard— and to rejoice in a connection. Or to have a comrade in their grief.

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I stood in the champagne aisle at the liquor store fussing over the bottle of Rosé I was going to pick for about 30 minutes. I want it to be perfect. I want my friends to have a glass and smile and laugh and bubble over the way sparkly, airy glasses of Rosé command. We’re…

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3 days In.

I have to get better at updating this. I want to look back on it and say that I grew from here. Things have been slow, but good. My mom is doing well. She’s had her throat dilated twice and is eating soft foods. We’re due for another PET scan this month so hopefully the…

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the ache inside of the pause

Speaking on love Erica tells me her new girl has one of the purest heart she has ever met. She pauses briefly, looks at me. Follows it up with “Or at least the purest heart that I have had the privilege of being with.” Speaking on friendship, Leslie says to me, “Well…” and she stops.…

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