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This time of year I am usually six feet deep in my own melancholy. Buried heavily under the burden of memory, of remorse, of guilt, of all the confusion that comes with it. I’m probably jinxing myself, if you believe in that sort of thing. I do. Of course I do. I told a friend…

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I went to lunch with two friends and I listened as they spoke of the trauma they endured at the hands of men. It was the perfect time to speak my truth but I couldn’t. As they traded stories my heart hammered so loudly in my chest that I couldn’t speak over it. Instead I…

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Tonight I had dinner with a friend. We laughed so loudly and stayed in the restaurant for so long. It was wonderful.

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Marjorie challenged me to taking 5 minutes a day and writing. Not journaling. Creative writing. If I told me that I was once the kind of person who could turn out 150 page behemoth scripts, I would shit. But I was. I am. I accept her challenge.

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In preparation for Friendsgiving this Friday I made vegan brownies. I’m excited to see my oldest friends in all of our newest forms.

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Late but not forgotten! We’re sitting in the darkest room, filled with laughter. There may be no power, but my heart is so full.

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Immensely personal details of sexual encounters gone wrong were the highlight of my night. So grateful for the laughs.

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