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I got to hang out with my sweet mama today. We made wreathes out of ornaments and they look absolutely terrible! We’re going to keep them still to laugh at and to remember what not to do on our next go around.

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We visited Bellingrath Gardens tonight. My nose is still cold and I’m so tired, but it was magical. I was present. I am thankful.

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I had a really good coaching session with some of my team and then I got to have dinner with Sarah! All in all a really solid day.

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Today was low-key. I watching a baking show with my mom. We’re always so spell-bound by what these kids who are not even teenagers yet are able to create!

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I’m always cautiously optimistic when we have small wins in regards to my mom’s illnesses. After 4 years of having it in her chest; a constant reminder of what she lost and what she fought, my mom’s port was removed. I’m happy for her because I know it was distressful to have after all of…

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I took my mom to vote in her first presidential election. I haven’t been productive today because I’ve been so anxious. I still have the audacity to hope things turn in our favor.

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My youngest nephew turned 8 today! I’m so proud to be his aunt! He’s a rare breed– soft, quiet, kind. He’s the youngest 90 year old man I have ever met. I love him so much.

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