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My mom’s been having trouble breathing lately due to her COPD and occasionally she’ll have an exacerbation. She’s been going through one for about three weeks now and today she finally felt some relief. I compartmentalized my time today the best I have in quite awhile. I still have tweaking to do, but I’m proud…

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Today is my niece’s 17th birthday! I have, at long last, learned to speak in a language she understands. She is so much of my sister that it use to frighten me, but I’ve seen her shake the parts of her that build rust. I’m proud of who she is and of who she is…

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I am still holding my ground when it comes to my space! It’s been hard and I have come close to loosening up but I know that if I give in, both of lose in the long run.

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Today’s my mom’s birthday and I’m so grateful that she is still with me. She’s the tiniest force. I was so happy. But. I made myself finally listen to Elijah McClain’s last moments here with us and all I can think of is that he begged those monsters for forgiveness. I am heartbroken.

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I got to hang out with my wonderful, hilarious, fucking irreplaceable family in a way that was safe and distanced. I love them.

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My mom got the go-ahead from her doctor to stop her antibiotics because she has improved so much. She is the strongest, tiniest, soldier I know. I’m so very blessed– so very grateful I have her in my life still.

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I laughed with my mom today. I connected with a local coffee shop and had the best flourless brownie I have ever had in my entire life. I moved my body very early this morning. I made a 94 on a difficult assignment I submitted. These are the good things that happened to me today.…

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Today I decided to put myself first. My life, up until very recently, has been marked by service for family and if there is anything left of me, my time, my energy– then that is what I reserved for myself. It took today for me to very shakily decide that if I’m to ever succeed…

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Today is Mother’s Day and because I am the worst fucking person, I fiddled around and ordered my mom’s present too late, and now it won’t be delivered until tomorrow. I know that it’s going to fucking blow her mind, so it’s worth the wait, but still! Despite, my monster mistake I made sure she…

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My sister joined us for dinner tonight but we all made sure to keep our distance. It was nice to sit and talk with her — which we haven’t done much of over the past few months.

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