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My family came over today. We hung out in my backyard and grilled as the kids played with my dogs. It was a lot of fun! We’ve had such little time to enjoy each other’s company this year– I’m thankful that today was experienced. I also have been learning Git and it’s seeming a lot…

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Delved into the world of JavaScript today and it was interesting and daunting and all of the things that I have found code to be. I’m forcing myself to log off for the night. I’m a bit worried that I may have overloaded my plate for the next year. I have added this boot camp…

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Coding is difficult work but allows me to practice patience. It allows me to set a mostly clear goal/objective and utilize what I have learned to meet that goal/objective. It creates an annoying churning in the pit of my gut when my test fail. It gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when my test…

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I was able to create a website today using HTML/CSS and I’m so thrilled! Now– these are very, very, very basics maneuvers but it’s always nice to start out not knowing anything and actively feel yourself learning/retaining this new knowledge. Coding is such an awesome skill-set. While my love of the 90’s disconnect will never…

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Ya’ll. I was a bunch of nerves today. LITERALLY every human interaction I had left me feeling so anxious. So… you know how a candle looks when it’s melting and spilling over? I was melting and spilling over. And nothing happened. Nothing bad. Nothing hard. I was just. Myself. But extra. I dived into some…

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Hi today was a lazy Sunday spent walking around Gulfport harbor and delving into coding. It’s too late to really get into the thick of it, but the rush of running a code and it being correct was so fucking thrilling!

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