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I’m exhausted. This week has been such a sprint as I acclimate to everything that I have going on. For the most part, I’m juggling it well. I read something somewhere about all of our “to-do’s” not being made the same. Some are glass. Some are plastic. When you’re juggling all of these balls, you…

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This evening was my first official (not just orientation) coding bootcamp session! It was confusing at times, for sure. But I’m immensely excited to learn and grow and be apart of this really fucking wonderful community.

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I — somehow — managed to fit all but one thing on my need to accomplish list in today. Wow. Time management? I’m great friends with her. I began my coding boot camp tonight and I’m fucking thrilled about overcoming how difficult this is all going to be. A friend asked me recently, something along…

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Coding is difficult work but allows me to practice patience. It allows me to set a mostly clear goal/objective and utilize what I have learned to meet that goal/objective. It creates an annoying churning in the pit of my gut when my test fail. It gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when my test…

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Hi today was a lazy Sunday spent walking around Gulfport harbor and delving into coding. It’s too late to really get into the thick of it, but the rush of running a code and it being correct was so fucking thrilling!

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