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Today’s my mom’s birthday and I’m so grateful that she is still with me. She’s the tiniest force. I was so happy. But. I made myself finally listen to Elijah McClain’s last moments here with us and all I can think of is that he begged those monsters for forgiveness. I am heartbroken.

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Being able to help someone who is in need shapes who I am, daily, and I was able to do that today. You ever have a dream but struggle with execution? I laughed way too loudly with my team. I saw them outside of their official roles and day to day delegations. How wonderful. Corporate…

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Breonna Taylor should be alive. Breonna Taylor should be saving lives. Breonna Taylor should be loving. Should be laughing. Should be celebrating her birthday. Breonna Taylor should be alive. She shouldn’t be on a long list of black women and black men who have had their lives snuffed out by murderers. Breonna Taylor should be…

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