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My nephew came over and we baked up some none sense that looked more like a crime scene than a strawberry croissant. He’s such a good boy, with a killer personality. I’m so happy he chooses at least sometimes to jump off the PS4 and come hang out in real life with me.

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In preparation for Friendsgiving this Friday I made vegan brownies. I’m excited to see my oldest friends in all of our newest forms.

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I made a cute three tier six inch cake with my niece Hannah. My mom taught her how to make egg rolls. A very simple, long day. Grateful. Sleepy.

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I played around with recipes and the grill today. I still have all of my fingers and the house did not catch fire. So… yes I do believe that I am now a grill master. Today felt like I was cheating on my week because it was a Monday, but really it was a Sunday……

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Hi there. Today I did a ton of laundry and made a lot of yummy food. See below for one of the bakes— banana bread with espresso chips and a caramel glaze:

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