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I played around with recipes and the grill today. I still have all of my fingers and the house did not catch fire. So… yes I do believe that I am now a grill master. Today felt like I was cheating on my week because it was a Monday, but really it was a Sunday……

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Hi there. Today I did a ton of laundry and made a lot of yummy food. See below for one of the bakes— banana bread with espresso chips and a caramel glaze:

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I have an entire roll of dough that I made and am absolutely planning to bake in the morning to bring to work. I got to spend some soul-uplifting time with my nieces where we laughed and roasted each other. My silly friend who is recovering from the heart procedure is back and true to…

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The most logical step today between my homework and workwork and learning to code and being human was to stop everything to make a loaf of fucking bread. No, I don’t believe I have ever attempted to do so from scratch before. It’s currently in the oven– I have an essay to write. If it’s…

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It’s late but I’m still making these cinnamon rolls. I did a thing with the dough and I think it shocked the yeast a bit which delayed the rising time but we got there. With patience. One of my mother’s CT scans came back and they saw a spot on her lung. The doctors say…

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I made this cake today– I was a bit rushed so it didn’t turn out as “clean” as I would have liked, but I was still happy with it. I then gave it to my brother’s family because leaving me alone with it would be a bloodbath.

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