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Yet another class on how to handle my anxiety today. I am a lifelong student in this– which is frustrating. I know that, unfortunately, “working through it” is the only way I get past it, but how uncomfortable. How fucking pedestrian. Sometimes it feels obscene, the human part of me. The part of me that…

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Tomorrow I start a 15 day sprint in which I challenge myself to be unbelievably focused for a short burst of time. I’m excited and nervous. Today was a waiting game. I felt overwhelmed but I didn’t know why. Which was an awfully strange sensation when it rubbed against the waiting. Friction, I guess, is…

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Ya’ll. I was a bunch of nerves today. LITERALLY every human interaction I had left me feeling so anxious. So… you know how a candle looks when it’s melting and spilling over? I was melting and spilling over. And nothing happened. Nothing bad. Nothing hard. I was just. Myself. But extra. I dived into some…

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A couple of things: I’m trying my hardest to not be lead by my anxiety. I am the softest of things– I know I’ve mentioned that before. I know I’ve probably also mentioned that while I am grateful to feel so deeply it is a huge fucking inconvenience a lot of the time, especially when…

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I realized a moment ago that difficult situations are just that… situations. They are not difficult endings. I will move through them. I’m working on being present, dealing with my anxiety issues. Not allowing the dread to loom over me. Too much.

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