3 days In.

I have to get better at updating this. I want to look back on it and say that I grew from here. Things have been slow, but good. My mom is doing well. She’s had her throat dilated twice and is eating soft foods. We’re due for another PET scan this month so hopefully the…

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Love ignited a war in me, but I laid down my weapon a year ago. Surrendered to the tenderness that comes with an end– I did not win.  

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Accio Apple

Southern living is synonymous with barbeques, fried fish, and a whole bunch of sweet tea. Here’s my friend Christine’s channel launch. She’s been vegan for a year and she’s just begun to share her journey. Take a look!

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the ache inside of the pause

Speaking on love Erica tells me her new girl has one of the purest heart she has ever met. She pauses briefly, looks at me. Follows it up with “Or at least the purest heart that I have had the privilege of being with.” Speaking on friendship, Leslie says to me, “Well…” and she stops.…

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my mother, a brief history.

Mom wanted to sign the DNR. The words slipped from her lips and I felt two blood vessels pop- as I stood in that sterile room trying to maintain my composure, while some paper handed nurse too relaxed into the routine to care kept checking off her list. My mom has always been a flight…

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Tales From the Other Side.

It’s incredibly refreshing to have memories pop in my head and not be left labored breath by them or choking or in pain. For an absurdly long stretch of time snapshots of my ex-girlfriend would keep me awake at night and now that they don’t, now that I’m able to look at memories outside of…

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Revision: Interest in Beauty

I was twenty two when I first realized that for some, I just won’t be enough. That’s vague isn’t it? I was twenty two when I first realized that for some girls, I justĀ  won’t be enough. Warmer. But we’re not there yet. I was twenty two when I first had my heart busted open…

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January 20,2017

The next four years are going to be incredibly divisive there’s no way around it. There’s a man in the White House who doesn’t represent a very large portion of this nation, but in the same breath he does represent the other half (less two million). I refuse to let this next chunk of time…

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what she left behind

a cosmic date has been set to retire these bones beauty, have mercy on me. 100 years from now when i am excavated– they will marvel at the treasures you tucked between my rib cage beauty, you took no mercy on me.

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