I completed an important class tonight. In it we discussed motivation and what that feels like to each of us individually. It’s interesting because while I know what motivation feels like to me, I never sat inside the texture of it. Slippery like rain. I know that when I’m motivated, I’m manic. I cannot sleep.…

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I had a difficult conversation with myself today. This is a good thing. It seems— I am not holding myself accountable the way I am supposed to. The way I hold everyone else accountable. I could chalk it up to a incredibly bloated plate, but that doesn’t actually matter because I know Whale Theory. Also…

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I switched vocal coaches today and not to get too ahead of myself because I’ve only had one session with her, but FUCK YES. A small, silly little exercise had my voice opened far more than the weeks of work I had been doing with my previous coach. AND she’s a WOC and we bonded…

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I realized a moment ago that difficult situations are just that… situations. They are not difficult endings. I will move through them. I’m working on being present, dealing with my anxiety issues. Not allowing the dread to loom over me. Too much.

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My mom got the go-ahead from her doctor to stop her antibiotics because she has improved so much. She is the strongest, tiniest, soldier I know. I’m so very blessed– so very grateful I have her in my life still.

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The Rebel flag has long been a staple in my family and in the South. I’ve heard the tired explanations of “heritage, not hate.” I’ve been told by people who fly the flag proudly that they love me dearly. LOL. The south has a terrible history– built on the bloodied backs of black women and…

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My favorite thing as of late, expounded upon today by one of my very best friends is the phrase, “How do you eat a whale?” Well howdoya? Piece by piece, of course. So as not to choke. So as not to overwhelm yourself with the enormity of what is in front of you. I’m calling…

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