Ya’ll. I was a bunch of nerves today. LITERALLY every human interaction I had left me feeling so anxious. So… you know how a candle looks when it’s melting and spilling over? I was melting and spilling over. And nothing happened. Nothing bad. Nothing hard. I was just. Myself. But extra. I dived into some…

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I took a huge step in my personal (and professional) life tonight and I’m still ballooning with nervousness about it. Details to come.

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Immensely personal details of sexual encounters gone wrong were the highlight of my night. So grateful for the laughs.

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I was able to steal a few minutes away for myself and stand against the wind as it whipped against my face and my clothes and it was so exhilarating.

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I have an entire roll of dough that I made and am absolutely planning to bake in the morning to bring to work. I got to spend some soul-uplifting time with my nieces where we laughed and roasted each other. My silly friend who is recovering from the heart procedure is back and true to…

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The most logical step today between my homework and workwork and learning to code and being human was to stop everything to make a loaf of fucking bread. No, I don’t believe I have ever attempted to do so from scratch before. It’s currently in the oven– I have an essay to write. If it’s…

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