As I look back on this week, I’m proud of my productivity but also of how I balanced my family/friends. I still have more fine tuning to this balancing act to include staying creative but all in all it was a job well done if I do say so myself.

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We visited Bellingrath Gardens tonight. My nose is still cold and I’m so tired, but it was magical. I was present. I am thankful.

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I had a semi-productive day that was full of laughter and graceful cooperation. I’m skipping my Portuguese lessons tonight and instead I will be listening to my body and turning in early. I know what I can accomplish when I get out of my way. The goal is to stop forgetting.

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One of the things that I have been doing to help myself learn Portuguese (outside of the regular lessons) is listening to Brazilian artists. I find a song and I translate the verses one by one. This also helps in sort of understanding the way real Portuguese speakers map out the language. I have been…

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I have to hold myself as accountable as I hold everyone else. I worked on working past my own bullshit today. I know it’s trite, but I am the longest and most important project that I will ever work on. I sometimes forget.

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The weather is cold and rainy and dark. Today the wind whipped at my face and my hair— stung my arms. Froze my nose. This has always been my favorite time. This season has always belonged to me.

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I had a productive day at work with my team. I am learning to be firm but still remain kind which has always been a difficult balancing act for me. I’m getting better every day.

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