Another busy day of holiday prep featuring my nieces and nephews and a flawless pipe job by yours truly.

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Camren came over and we decorated Christmas cookies and talked all things Stranger Things. I held myself accountable all day and night. I have to keep in mind how good this feels when it’s gone.

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I know I’ve mentioned this a lot but I really love it when Sarah comes to hang out with me. She’s supremely funny and incredibly bright. I love her so much.

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I really love the days that I am able to get out of my own way. I’m in love with the possibility of more, all of the time. More stepping aside. More stepping up. More moving . More growing. But the first step always trips me up. The getting out of my own way. I…

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This time of year I am usually six feet deep in my own melancholy. Buried heavily under the burden of memory, of remorse, of guilt, of all the confusion that comes with it. I’m probably jinxing myself, if you believe in that sort of thing. I do. Of course I do. I told a friend…

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My nephew came over and we baked up some none sense that looked more like a crime scene than a strawberry croissant. He’s such a good boy, with a killer personality. I’m so happy he chooses at least sometimes to jump off the PS4 and come hang out in real life with me.

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I got to hang out with my sweet mama today. We made wreathes out of ornaments and they look absolutely terrible! We’re going to keep them still to laugh at and to remember what not to do on our next go around.

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