I like the idea of being free. Even if it comes with loss. Even if it makes my hands shake. Unrelated but also good news I had a conversation today with my boss’ son. It’s remarkable the commonality we have. We discussed Whale Theory. How soft is the new strong. And the balancing act that…

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I’m allowing myself a do-over. I didn’t realize the enormity of it all and when I finally did it was too late. I think, pausing and restarting, is the only way to continue. I don’t feel bad about it.

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We drove to New Orleans for the quickest of day trips! I know I have said this before but it always leaves me a bit breathless when I realize that all I have to do to be anywhere is… go.

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Anytime I am successfully able to repair or renovate something around my house my logical next conclusion is to build a home withmybarehands. I’m only sort of joking. My dog is beautiful, brave, concerned about all things. She decided to lunge head first into the screen door (in her defense the screen needed to be…

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My youngest niece turned two today! She’s been such a joy to watch grow up. It’s strange to think about time and the way it never pauses. I hope she keeps the same bright eyed curiosity she has forever.

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Without fail, Imagine Me & You, lights a fire in my heart. I’m grateful for films that continue to reach inside of me and push and pull and chatter.

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I had a conversation with a former associate that I had to terminate. There are just a handful of true priorities that I have when it comes to leadership. One of those priorities is leaving those who work for me with the feeling that, despite what difficulties we face or what our differences may be–…

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The best part of my day was sitting in my sister’s bedroom laughing with her and both of my nieces. We’re a family built on strife and heartache but we’ve come so far.

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I was able to watch the sunset today! I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve witnessed the enormous beauty of it all. I wish I had thought to take a photo. We have about 26 miles of beach here. Imagine a autumn red bleeding into fiery orange, dipping lower and lower behind an…

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I had an important meeting at work today. I slip into this skin so easily that sometimes I wonder if I should be worried. Either way, it went well. Much to do.

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