I got the go-ahead to delve further into a project for my company. This is a swollen, serious endeavor and it has the the possibility to alter the course of my life. I have a 5 year plan that I won’t get too much into today, but this is a step in the right direction.…

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A challenge to myself– write one good thing that happens daily, for a year. Move my fingers, my thoughts. For posterity? For narcissism? We’ll see, I guess. Today’s good thing? This challenge. This urging.

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Hike Until Your Mind is Quiet

This year, I want to learn how to get outside of my head. I spend most of my day processing. I have a tendency to over-analyze, pick-apart, worry myself into a tightened throat of anxiety. I have a fast-paced day job. I come home and I spend my nights learning and writing and playing a…

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I read something of my mother’s recently and it stirred my spirit. Something along the lines that when you have been alone for an extended period of time, it takes such great pressure for you to allow someone in your space. Not in a closed off way. We are not caged any longer. We are…

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