While I may not have found a house I did find the city! Ocean Springs is a hub of arts and cultures while still appealing to my hometown sensibility. I spent the day falling in love with it. Now to just find the house.

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Time is a good thing even it kills me. Even if I don’t understand the way it works. I am grateful every day for it.

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Learning about my own love language. Learning to speak to myself is both a marvel and a mystery. I am the first and last of my kind, yet I am not magnificent by any means. What a wonder it would be if I taught myself to not need anything that I could not give myself.…

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My bedroom should be my hideaway. My secret place. I should be able to come undone during the night and make myself pretty inside of it during the day. It should be a sanctuary. It’s currently just the room where I spend a lot of excess time in that I have no real attachment to,…

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I spent the morning in my home office listening to the rain pour down and checking emails. Morning’s like this morning make me feel like I neeeeed a tin roof. My morning also started off with the sweetest friend with the most southern of drawls giving me a “Good morning bitch!” Some days I just…

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I wanted to write something poignant but I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. I started this website years ago and neglected it more than I intended to. However today makes 100 consecutive days that I have showed up if only for a moment to write. To deconstruct. To remember. I plan on keeping it…

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It’s amazing how much clutter I tend to accumulate. Today I did yet another clean out of needless things. I really do need to get better at just letting it go at the beginning (this could also be said about my life). But I’m thrilled to be rid of it now.

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I laughed a lot with my team today! How wonderfully strange and fulfilling it is to genuinely like the people I am crammed into a box with for 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week.

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