Today I finished my first round of 21 Day Fix! For as long as I have been exercising, this is such a huge accomplishment, because I never finish. I’m allowing myself the grace of being still for the rest of the day. I’ve been going hard for 3 weeks now— my body deserves to be…

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I made a 100 on my first quiz! It feels nice to have gained some traction. I’m not second-guessing my career path or worrying over whether or not I’m doing this for me. I am doing it for me. I am excited about this path. I do want to grow. And I am growing.

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My mother had her most normal day that she has had in the past month. She was out of bed, laughing, baking, cooking up a storm. I’m so happy for her small reprieve from pain— I hope she has many more days like this.

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I made this cake today– I was a bit rushed so it didn’t turn out as “clean” as I would have liked, but I was still happy with it. I then gave it to my brother’s family because leaving me alone with it would be a bloodbath.

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As of today, I’m down 25 pounds! HUGE! I’ve stuck to my goals — I’ve kept the bigger picture in mind. I’m excited to keep the progress up and not get so bogged down by trying to hunt down perfection. LFG!

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Two good things: I became closer with an acquaintance— almost veering into friend territory. How wonderful. How terrifying. I have realized also that I’m a sounding board. I’m a place where people come to feel heard— and to rejoice in a connection. Or to have a comrade in their grief.

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My mom was released from the hospital today. She still has some healing to do, but I’m so happy that she is home.

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Today I hit two weeks of training– day for day. This is such a hard battle, yet I rejoice in the movement. I rejoice in feeling my body pull and push. It reminds me that despite what I have done to it, it has not given up on me. It will still get me where…

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Today was brief— however I made sure to take as many pauses as possible inside of it. I reassessed my future and hopefully took some right steps in the right direction. I am learning to be still without guilt— today was a meditation in that. This is a good thing.

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I got to spend some really wonderful minutes with my younger cousin today. When I say younger, I mean 1 whole year. He’s Mr. Nice Guy. Literally Mr. BHS– I think his picture hangs in the hallowed hallways of our high school. We talked about our adolescence. About the way the sometimes toxic, tender frailty…

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