I spent a rainy, cold day on my couch watching HGTV. It was time well spent. I have learned, quite slowly, to not feel guilty when I am still.

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My current obsession: Brazilian film and music. Please, if you have any recommendations, send them my way. This is the good thing post. Turning off to watch.

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I went to lunch with two friends and I listened as they spoke of the trauma they endured at the hands of men. It was the perfect time to speak my truth but I couldn’t. As they traded stories my heart hammered so loudly in my chest that I couldn’t speak over it. Instead I…

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I completed a training seminar for my company that was actually quite insightful. I’m always so grateful to work for a corporation I truly respect and that I know respects me.

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Tonight I had dinner with a friend. We laughed so loudly and stayed in the restaurant for so long. It was wonderful.

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I had a really good coaching session with some of my team and then I got to have dinner with Sarah! All in all a really solid day.

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