Late but not forgotten! We’re sitting in the darkest room, filled with laughter. There may be no power, but my heart is so full.

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I realize that I messed my dates up somewhere along here and I find it hysterical. Moving on. I’m getting better at calling myself on my shit. This is a good thing.

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I made a cute three tier six inch cake with my niece Hannah. My mom taught her how to make egg rolls. A very simple, long day. Grateful. Sleepy.

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A strange thing occurred. I was driving on the interstate when I saw a man run into traffic. The other drivers swerved to get around him, but he was undaunted. As he pushed himself further into the roadway everyone, including me, had to slow down. Barely creeping, I could see he was terrified. He was…

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Family really is everything. I’m sleepy and happy and so grateful to have people in my corner, always.

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