Gosh! This month is almost over! I think it’s been a good one. Full of trials and difficulties, but mostly full of optimism and effort. I love a new year— I’ve said that line so many times before. But… I love a new year. I love the renewed energy that I feel. I love getting…

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I skipped yesterday purposefully to correct my dates that I somehow screwed up. I had an hour and a half conversation with my sister which was awesome and funny. We never just talk. We bicker. She asks for money. I nag. But we just shared and laughed and it was really so nice.

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I rode around with my niece and my mom this afternoon showing them my top five list of potential homes. It was fun to laugh and listen to music and to hear their thoughts about everything. I recently ran into a bit of bad luck, that was quickly overshadowed by goodness and I’m thankful that…

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I got to hang out with my mom today. We watched some show from the late 90’s/early 2000’s that showed real-life emergency room visits. My sister also has decided to gift me a really large sum of money to help fund my insemination next year. Gosh, I guess that’s all coming? Wild.

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My Saturday consisted of doing nothing with my dog and cat and then capping the day off with watching the RIDICULOUSLY good Escape to the Chateau. The day after Christmas always makes me feel slightly hungover despite not having any alcoholic beverages yesterday. It’s been good to recharge.

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I had a gift wrapping session with my mom, sister, niece, and sister-in-law. We blasted Christmas music in my den and danced between slapping tap onto paper. It was such a good time!

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