Marjorie is a writer too. She sent me over a rough draft for a chapbook. 28 pages of fucking magic. This is a good thing.

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I made a point to scroll back to 20fucking17 and ten million messages to find this because I have this human in my life who just fucking gets it. And I couldn’t remember how it happened. And now that I have read over the very chill, unassuming ass message that sparked this whole thing I…

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My mom has quite a few scars from being a cancer survivor. One of her most prominent—- dysphasia. The radiation needed to knock out the cancer also knocked out her ability to swallow like a normal person. She has been mostly reduced to soft foods like potatoes, eggs, and of course liquids. She has had…

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My assistant comes from poverty too. She’s six years younger than me. A force of nature. A person full of potential if allowed the opportunity to grow into it. We balance each other out soft/hard but we have both been trying to also fine the balance within ourselves. Today she made the comment “you taught…

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Financial heath and knowledge is important to me. What’s also important is being able to teach what I know to others. The current system we have in place does little to nothing for people who come from my community because we have no idea how to navigate it. I, at 30, am teaching my 50+…

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My mom’s been having trouble breathing lately due to her COPD and occasionally she’ll have an exacerbation. She’s been going through one for about three weeks now and today she finally felt some relief. I compartmentalized my time today the best I have in quite awhile. I still have tweaking to do, but I’m proud…

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A couple of things: I’m trying my hardest to not be lead by my anxiety. I am the softest of things– I know I’ve mentioned that before. I know I’ve probably also mentioned that while I am grateful to feel so deeply it is a huge fucking inconvenience a lot of the time, especially when…

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